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STEP 1: Read the class change policies

Deadlines:  Class schedules may only be changed the first 5 days the semester or quarter. 

Change Procedures:  Counselors will review the requested change(s) and make the change(s) if possible.  Once the change(s) are made the counselor will contact the student by email to let them know that their requested change has been made and to view their new schedule online.  Or the counselor will let the student know that the requested change does not work (typically because the class is full) and they will coordinate with the student to make another choice. 

How long does a change take to make?  Counselors will do their very best to make changes as quickly as possible however, it may take up to a week for a change to be processed depending on the number of requests submitted.  Please be patient and DO NOT submit a 2nd class change request. 

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